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Salads and Starters
Chicken saté
with peanut sauce
8,50 €
Beetroot baby spinach salad marinated with tarragon, lime and caramelized walnuts9,50 €
Burrata with tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, romaine lettuce and tahina dressing12,00 €
Caramelized pumpkin with orange, star anise, cardamom and coriander
with slices of smoked duckbreast with frisee lettuce and pomegranate kernels
12,50 €
Spicy tatar of charolais beef fillet with truffle mayonnaise15,50 €
½ kg seawater tiger prawns with with peal in a spicy coconut sauce25,00 €
Variation of starters 2 pers. 26,00 €
4 pers. 46,00 €
6 pers. 76,00 €
10 pers. 86,00 €

Poultry lemongrass consommé with roasted shiitake and vegetable julienne10,50 €
Japanese Kitchen - Thursday to Saturday -
Salmon sashimi
with roasted sesame
12,50 €
Grilled tiger prawns
with wild herb salad
12,50 €
Tuna tatar with avocado cream, tomato salsa and unagi sauce15,50 €
Variation of salmon and tuna tataki
with sesame and avocado, red onions, cilantro and ponzu sauce
16,50 €
Variation of starters for 4 to 6 persons60,00 €
Homemade sorbet 7,00 €
Spindler & Klatt cheesecake with wild berry coulis8,00 €
Chocolate crumble with pear ragout and gingerbread mascarpone9,00 €
Laksa with lemongrass, ginger, lime leaves, enoki mushrooms, vegetables, melted onions and egg noodles

With fillet of chicken breast
With prawns

Ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach in truffle cream with pumpkin and baby spinach
Herbed breast of guinea fowl with basil pesto, beetroot potato croquettes and grilled vegetables in a port wine jus
Pulled beef with port wine onions, cole slaw and guacamole with sweet potato fries18,50€
Grilled codfish with jasmin rice, lemon spinach and saffron coconut sauce19,50€
Braised shoulder and grilled chops of irish lamb with tomato mint okra ragout with potato pea mash23,50€
Grilled halloumi 14,50€
Salmon steak, 180g17,00 €
Bavette steak, 180g19,50 €
Grilled half lobster21,00 €
Tuna steak, 180g 25,00 €
Charolais fillet of beef, 180g26,00 €
Dry aged entrecôte from irish hereford beef, 300g28,00€
Chateaubriand 400g49,50€
Extra Sauces
Herb garlic butter2,50 €
Yuzu Béarnaise 3,50 €
Port wine jus 4,00 €
Truffle mayonnaise 4,50 €
Jasmin rice 3,00 €
Grilled vegetables 4,00 €
French fries4,00 €
Regional leaf salat 4,00 €
Potato mash with melted onions 4,00 €
Sweet potato fries 4,50 €
Okra ragout with tomato and mint 4,50 €
Glazed Pak Choi4,50 €
Asian potatoes au gratin [ginger/lemongrass]4,50 €